Structural analysis and fluid dynamic simulations

Structural analysis and fluid dynamic simulations


Using specific software and highly trained personnel, we can perform FEM simulations of variouskinds on existing or to-be-built 3D models.

The simulations cover structural, thermal and fluid dynamic aspects. We can formulate technical reports of various kinds with physical and engineering analyses, also available with signatures ofregistered engineers.

Simulations allow us to know in advance, before a component is manufactured, how it will behavunder its working conditions. This makes it possible to drastically reduce product development time and costs, and to reach the market quickly, efficiently, and before the competition.

Guaranteed innovation, increased performance, competitiveness, and lower costs with the end result of better design. All of this is achieved through the collaboration of a network of experienced, independent designers and support service providers (machining, prototyping, etc.)

For FEA and CFD calculations we are equipped with 2 Quad-Core dual-board workstations for 16Intel 3.2 GHz processors, which have up to 32 GB RAM; 64-bit operating system.

Software used:
• 3D modeling/design: SolidWorks.
• structural FEM and fluid dynamics analysis: SolidWorks Simulation (COSMOS).
• other issues vibration, chemistry-physics, thermodynamics, aerodynamics, mechanics, datanalysis, impulse dynamics: COMSOL plus dedicated applications on EXCEL platform.


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