Mac support

Mac maintenance

Delta-Tek S.r.l. is specialized in PC support and offers quick problem-solving interventions in case of problems with technology. Simply contact us and schedule an appointment with one of our technician.
A specialized computer technician will come directly to your home and promptly resolve any anomalies and restore the proper functioning of your equipment. You will thus save time and effort and be ready to get
back to your work immediately.
In some cases, when there are software-level issues, DeltaTek can provide computer support via the Internet, thus further reducing the time and cost of intervention.

While for significantly more complicated and time-consuming problems that cannot be solved in a few hours, the device will be fixed in our labs by qualified technicians.

Our home Mac support services

• Mac operating system installation;
• Mac first startup;
• Mac data backup;
• Mac data recovery;
• Network installation;
• Computer support via the Internet;
• Mac operating system restoration;
• Operating system cleaning and optimization;
• Mac data transfer;
• Mac peripheral installation;
• Computer assembly.



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